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from S.P.'s self-published "Pictorial History of the Cabin Home in Garden of Eden, Lucas Kansas"

"This is my sign - GARDEN OF EDEN - I could hear so many, as they go by, sing out, "What is this?" so I put this sign up. Now they can read it, stop or go on, just as they please."

"The porches, side walks, fence, strawberry and flower beds, fish pool, grape-arbor three U. S. flage, adam and Eve, the devil, coffin, jug, visitors' dining hall, labor crucified, two bird and animal cages, and wash house are all made with cement. 

Up to this date, July 1, 1927, over 113 tons , or 2,273 sacks of cement has been used. The Garden of Eden is on the west; the front, or north represents present day civilization. There are fifteen cement trees from 30 to 40 feet tall. On trees, mausoleum, cages and dining hall are forty-eight electric lights. 

The most unique home, for living or dead, on earth. 

Call and see it."

"The dog is after the fox, fox after the bird, bird has its mouth open after a little worm eating a leaf. This shows how one animal is after another down to the leaf. 

Now this side is modern civilization as I see it. If it is not right I am to blame, but if the Garden of Eden is not right Moses is to blame. He wrote it up and I built it."